2024 Packaging Trends

Packaging has become so much more than delivering products safely to consumers. How you package your products, what materials you use and their appearance can contribute to your business’ overall success in the long run. Companies are now using different types of packaging as marketing tools to increase brand awareness and form connections with their customers.

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Holiday Packaging Guide

Halloween packaging by Great Northern Packaging

During the holiday season, most stores explode into festive colors, and we owe much of that to holiday packaging. Limited-edition packaging can add a fun, exclusive touch to your product and appeal to seasonal sentiments, like the joy of spending time with family or the excitement of special peppermint flavors. Setting up holiday packaging can offer exceptional advantages with little risk, but only if you do it right. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this technique and how to customize packaging for the holidays.

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Requirements for Medical Device Packaging

Consumer packaging for Medical Devices

Medical devices are essential pieces of equipment necessary for completing surgeries and evaluating patient symptoms. There are strict regulations for these items, as they must be sterile and in top-functioning condition for medical professionals to use them safely. These requirements make proper packaging essential.

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How to Reduce Packaging Waste

Commercial packaging boxes

Sustainable packaging has much to offer everyone — including your consumers, your company and the planet. If your packaging is wasteful, you aren’t doing anyone any favors. Still, reducing packaging waste can be challenging. After all, you need to protect your product and accommodate marketing materials. Fortunately, you now have extensive options for efficient, sustainable packaging. Let’s take a look at how you can reduce waste in packaging and better meet your sustainability goals.

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How Is Club Store Packaging Different?

Club store packaging for cottage cheese cups

Before a product hits the shelves of a club store like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s Wholesale Club, it goes through a unique journey. Club stores have specific packaging requirements, and their customers are shopping in a distinct environment. Packaging designers must keep these factors in mind as they prepare to work with club stores. Let’s explore what you need to know about designing club store packaging.

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Packaging Trends of 2023

Packaging that communicates your brand’s image, mission and products or services comes in various shapes and sizes. You’re already offering your target audience exactly what they need — now, you need to grab their attention through trending marketing strategies. Your product packaging choices can speak to your audience, making a lasting impression and promoting your brand through visual appeal.

The new year is the perfect time to revamp your brand’s packaging and get a head start on reimagining how you market your products. Trends come and go over time, so it’s essential to reevaluate what your packaging says to your consumers. Consider whether upcoming trends fit your brand’s image or spark an idea for your business’s future marketing.

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4 Ways Digital Printing Can Add Value to Retailers

Retail display of crackers

Retailers are always looking for new ways in which they can differentiate themselves from their competition and draw more shoppers to their store. Digital printing provides retailers with new opportunities to interact with shoppers, be that through retail customization, local and channel promotions, or market segmentation. The use of digital printing on packaging also offers opportunities for you to help retailers accomplish their goal in the following ways.


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4 Ways Digital Printing Can Add Value to Your Brand

Red shopping card in a canned food aisle

Standing out on a crowded shelf has never been more important, or more difficult. As competition increases, so must your brand’s marketing strategy and ability to grab the shopper’s attention. Being able to stop the shopper at the shelf and convert them into a sale is made even more challenging by the depth of our shoppers’ omni-channel experience. With messaging coming from all different directions, how do you get YOUR brand noticed by the shopper and make them pay attention to your message? Digital printing is expanding the ways retail packaging can communicate your message to shoppers. Here are four ways digital printing can help your brand.

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Millennials Impact on Sustainable Packaging

Recyclable Packaging

It’s no secret that shoppers are more environmentally aware now than ever before, and the millennial generation is helping drive this trend. In fact, one of the main factors affecting the Millennials purchasing decisions is packaging, especially when it comes to the food and beverages they consume daily.

Findings from the EcoFocus Worlwide 2019 U.S. Trends Survey suggest that millennials are rewarding brands that align their packaging with eco-friendly needs more than any generation before them and they expect brand owners to follow their lead. Here are five examples of how millennials will change the packaging aspect of businesses for years to come.

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Why Paper is a More Sustainable Packaging Solution than Plastic

Recycling logo

Sustainable packaging has become increasingly important as consumers become more aware of its impact on the environment. According to a report done by GlobalWebIndex, 42% of U.S. and UK consumers say products that use sustainable materials are important when it comes to their daily purchases. Environmentally aware consumers are more willing to support companies that share the same concern as them.

The two most common types of packaging are made up of paper or plastic. These two combined for 56.4 (69%) of the 82.2 million tons of containers and packaging produced in 2018. Here is a comparison of both packaging life cycles from their beginning to their end use.

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Three Benefits of Multiple Print Versions Packaging

Custom digitally printed packaging for retail

The retail landscape is changing rapidly and a main contributor to this is customer preference. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are more willing to try new buying channels, brands, and product varieties than ever before. An advantage of this trend is that it offers new market opportunities and opens the door for new product variations and product packaging.

However, this puts more pressure on brands to not only get their products to market faster, but also to make sure their retail packaging stands out on a crowded shelf. Click on the link at the end of the article to access our Targeted Packaging to Meet Changing Market Needs Webinar for a more in-depth look at this trend.

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What to Consider For Your Frozen and Refrigerated Package

Custom packaging for frozen food

When it comes to packaging for frozen and refrigerated products, there are different qualities that need to be taken into account compared to retail packaging. The most important aspect is preserving the quality of the product, and if a package is not strong enough to withstand freezer and refrigeration environments, you risk the product spoiling. You also need to have a package design that separates your brand from others in a crowded cooler. Here are a couple things you should take into consideration when choosing your frozen and refrigerated package supplier.

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The Rise of Shelf-Ready Packaging

Shelf-ready retail packaging

Shelf-ready packages are used on retail shelves more than ever. Retailers like shelf-ready packaging because it reduces labor costs. CPGs also benefit from this packaging solution because it helps brands stand out on shelf and the packaging displays the product the way it should be displayed, resulting in a better experience for the customer.

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4 Tips to Having Your Seasonal Beverage Breakthrough at Retail

Custom alcohol packaging from Great Northern Packaging

Standing out in a crowded cooler inside the alcohol section of a store is getting tougher to do every year. It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new beverage with new flavors coming out, and seasonal beverages are no different. This is a result of people being more willing to try new flavors now more than ever before. So, in case you’re wondering “How can I get my brand noticed by the customer?”, here are four ways to do just that!

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How Digital Printing Can Benefit You

Digital printing machine

Today, the retail landscape is changing faster than ever, making it tougher for brands to standout on the shelf. Being able to customize your package to your exact specifications is crucial, and that’s where digital printing can help! Unlike most traditional printing methods, digital printing provides brands with more benefits and features like customization, flexible quantities, quick turn arounds, and competitive pricing.

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5 Advantages of Bag-In-Box Packaging

Custom bag in a box packaging

The bag-in-box industry has been trending upwards the last few years, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. There are many advances in the beverage industry that are influencing this trend whether it’s new technologies in films, taps, or how the bags are made and filled. The BIB industry is here to stay. Here are five advantages to bag-in-box.

1. Better for the environment
Corrugate requires a lot less energy to produce than glass and the outer box and bag are recyclable. It is light weight also makes it easier to transport, so shipments leave less of a carbon footprint in the long run. Also, since BIB wine stays fresher longer, you are not as likely to waste half-finished bottles that have gone bad.

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