Packaging Trends of 2023

Packaging that communicates your brand’s image, mission and products or services comes in various shapes and sizes. You’re already offering your target audience exactly what they need — now, you need to grab their attention through trending marketing strategies. Your product packaging choices can speak to your audience, making a lasting impression and promoting your brand through visual appeal.

The new year is the perfect time to revamp your brand’s packaging and get a head start on reimagining how you market your products. Trends come and go over time, so it’s essential to reevaluate what your packaging says to your consumers. Consider whether upcoming trends fit your brand’s image or spark an idea for your business’s future marketing.

Take a look at these packaging trends below to help spark your 2023 packaging ideas for marketing your products this year.

1. Minimalistic Packaging Is Better Perceived By Consumers

Minimalism has taken the marketing industry by storm. What began as an art movement in the 1960s has blossomed into a creative outlet for businesses, homeowners and shoppers around the world. Minimalism embodies the idea that less is more — a pared-down, simplified approach you can use for your product packaging.

When you think about your typical shopping experiences, you might think of intense, brightly colored packaging or “in your face” fonts. While these marketing strategies may catch consumers’ attention for a moment, they may feel less inclined to buy an item with complex designs.

Instead, try subtle packaging with a minimalistic color palette. Brands that use simplistic designs have been found to be better perceived by consumers. Simple designs in white, black, gray, beige or muted shades for your brand’s products will give consumers’ eyes a break from a sea of overwhelming designs. Contrast is a crucial factor in attracting attention, and that visual break could be just what you need to catch someone’s eye as they walk down the aisle.

Minimalistic packaging design trends also extend to interior packaging. This trend encourages less packaging inside a product’s box or bag, allowing you to use more eco-friendly options.

2. Shoppers Are Willing to Pay Extra for Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

Environmentally-friendly options are one of the most popular design trends for packaging. In fact, studies show that 64% of American consumers are willing to pay extra for items that use sustainable packaging. Meanwhile, 78% of shoppers are more likely to buy products whose labels declare them eco-friendly.

Consider whether your target audience is interested in minimizing their purchase’s environmental effects. If so, making your packaging sustainable and environmentally friendly can go a long way toward earning their satisfaction.

You can prioritize your packaging’s sustainability efforts by choosing options that minimize their environmental effect:

  • Use packaging that uses 100% recyclable materials and water-based inks for printing.
  • Use custom packaging for temperature-sensitive products.
  • Look for designs that use less material and reduce waste during production.

64% of American consumers are willing to pay extra for items with sustainable packaging

3. Bold Fonts Are Helping Grab More Attention

Bold fonts can easily grab your audience’s attention, especially when you pair them with a subtle yet effective minimalistic palette. However, you’ll want to use them sparingly — like minimalistic designs, a little can go a long way.

Dark, large and unique fonts offer an excellent visual appeal that can get your brand name out to shoppers. The average consumer has an eight-second attention span, which means attracting even a few seconds of attention can influence your target audience to purchase your product or look into your brand in their free time. Bold fonts will help your brand stand out on the shelves, increasing the likelihood that customers will check out your product.

4. Retro-Inspired Designs Are Taking Off

If minimalism doesn’t fit the aesthetic you see for your brand, retro-inspired designs are another excellent choice for standing out to your audience. Retro-style packaging can use various colors, shapes and fonts to create a brand image that will help your products stand out.

Consider using neon and art deco pastel shades, squiggly lines and bubble letters to reimagine your business’s visual appearance. As with minimalism, it’s best to keep your design choices easy on the eyes to grab your target audience’s attention quickly.

5. Return Ready Mail Provides Convenience for Shoppers

Convenience and flexibility are essential for your packaging and services as online shopping becomes more prevalent worldwide. People may need to return their purchases for various reasons. You can make this standard process as easy for shoppers as possible with return-ready mailers.

You can implement the same packaging designs for your return-ready mailers that you use for typical product packaging. Your buyers will appreciate the simplicity of their returns with consistent packaging available right at their fingertips. They’ll also appreciate the sustainability of this trend, as studies show that interest in reusable packaging, like return-ready mail, is rising due to sustainability concerns.

6. Personalized Packaging Helps Build Brand Loyalty

Building a trusting relationship with your consumers is the first step to creating brand loyalty. Prioritizing your customers’ experiences when shopping with your brand can help bring them back to you again in the future. Existing customers account for 65% of most businesses’ profits, and creating more of these lasting relationships can help your brand continue to grow.

You can make every shopping experience unique for your consumers with personalized packaging. Multi-print options allow you to create a variety of packaging designs that resonate with other customers. Consider using slightly different product packaging for each buyer.

Personalized packaging shows your customers that you’re willing to take the time to appreciate their continued support through their purchase. Personalized packaging can increase brand awareness and consumer engagement to drive sales. For example, Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign led to over 19% year-over-year growth for its 20-ounce bottles. This small step goes a long way toward encouraging your customers’ decisions for future purchases.

Why Upgrade Your Packaging?

Rebranding is an exciting time to explore your company’s marketability and build a stronger relationship with your intended target audience. These changes start with upgrading your packaging. The 2023 packaging trends above can renew your brand’s public image and benefit your future profit.

Refreshing your future packaging can bring you the following benefits:

  • Customers may view your brand as more environmentally conscious.
  • You can improve the protection your packaging offers your products, reducing potential damage.
  • You can rebrand your company’s image to reflect your current goals and values.
  • Your products may stand out more on shelves.

Revamp Your Packaging for 2023 With Great Northern Packaging

Revamp your packaging for 2023

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