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Learn about our broad range of printing capabilities and how they can help meet your project scope, budget, and brand objectives.

Flexographic Print

Primary uses: Commercial PackagingConsumer Packaging 

Flexographic Print is the most common and cost-effective print option.

  • Ideal for high-volume, repetitive projects
  • Is directly printed to corrugated packaging
  • 6-color and 7-color presses produce a clean, vibrant, saturated print
  • Requires a one-time-only investment in print plates


Lithographic Print

Primary use: Consumer Packaging

Lithographic Print is the highest quality print option for large-scale consumer packaging projects.

  • Ideal for high-volume projects with frequent copy changes
  • A 6-color print press combined with aqueous coating creates soft-touch, satin and glossy finishes
  • Printed graphics are applied to 80# coated paper and then laminated to the corrugated packaging
Litho Printed consumer packaging

Single-Face Laminate

Primary use: Consumer Packaging

Single-Face Laminate shows the rigidity of corrugated board but has the appearance and feel of paperboard.

  • You can combine different flutes together for improved strength
  • Superior print characteristics with virtually no fluting resulting in a smooth surface
  • Less material is used

Digital Print

Primary use: Consumer Packaging

Digital Print is an efficient way to get high quality print on lower quantity orders.

  • Ideal for package customization
  • 4-color process printing technique applies a digital image directly to the package
  • Allows for flexible order minimums per SKU, and you can combine multiple SKU orders into a single printing run to achieve an affordable price point
  • Fast turnaround times since print plates and cutting dies aren’t needed
Digital printing for custom retail promotions

PrePress Expertise

At Great Northern Packaging, both our Oshkosh and Twin Cities facilities are certified as G7 Master Facilities. The Twin Cities facility has earned a G7 Targeted designation for its offset press while the Oshkosh facility earned a G7 Targeted designation for both its digital and offset print presses.

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Why Choose Great Northern Packaging for Custom Printing for Packaging?

When you partner with Great Northern Packaging, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Sustainable Facilities and Practices: We are a certified International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) facility, offering recyclable printing and packaging solutions for conscientious businesses. We’re proud to help you reduce your organization’s environmental footprint with sustainable printing and packaging solutions.
  • On-Time Deliveries: We offer dependable, consistent packaging services. With a 99% on-time delivery record that accommodates the tightest timelines, we ensure your packages are delivered safely, efficiently and on time to protect your brand’s reputation and boost your bottom line.
  • Custom Packaging and Printing Solutions: Great Northern Packaging is your one-stop shop for various printing and packaging solutions that suit your repetitive, seasonal or promotional needs. We offer a range of printing and packaging options to fit your program costs and supply chain requirements.

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