Custom Windowed Cartons

Let your product speak for itself by using a window to showcase it! Getting your product noticed on the retail shelves is simple with unique, eye-catching packaging. Consumers love appealing packaging that piques their interest, and our packaging solutions provide exactly that. Similarly to our beverage solutions, our window cartons are fully customizable and give your products the creative edge that attracts your ideal customer.

Great Northern Packaging is a leading window packaging company for all industries. Whether you manufacture toys, beauty products or food, we can give your customers a peek at what you offer. Our packaging designers can incorporate a rigid window in a single-panel design, or span the window across a fold and around a corner to create a two-sided or three-sided window.


Benefits of Using Windowed Carton Packaging

We combine small-scale printing jobs to create a larger order that we fulfill at a better price. Our window carton packaging enhances your products and offers the following benefits.

Effective Product Security

These packages are sealed and airtight, making your product fully secure while eliminating the potential for tampering. Our packages are created to withstand handling and protect your products throughout transportation.

Easy Displaying

With our transparent window built within the carton, consumers get a preview of what to expect before they buy. You can display package contents and appeal to people’s curiosity with clear windows.

Numerous Application Opportunities

Gain access to a variety of applications with our packaging. Get creative with the size and design of the cartons and the types of products you choose to store in them.

Brand Presentation

With our digital printing capabilities, you can proudly place your brand’s colors and designs on the cartons to give consumers a clear brand image.

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How Digital Printing Can Benefit You 

Today, the retail landscape is changing faster than ever, making it tougher for brands to standout on the shelf. Being able to customize your package to your exact specifications is crucial! Learn how digital printing provides brands with more benefits and features than other printing methods. 

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targeted packaging for changing market needs

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People are influenced by their senses when making purchasing decisions. Give them something to marvel at with our personalized, dynamic window cartons or explore our other packaging solutions for your brand. Contact us today to chat with one of our packaging experts that will work alongside you to create your perfect product.

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Why Choose Great Northern Packaging?

At Great Northern Packaging, we make your brand’s vision come to life with our solutions. We offer competitive pricing for various printing options made possible by our digital printing processes. Our services have been awarded several accolades for product quality and incredible customer service.

We have also aligned ourselves with environmental initiatives by having a full-circle manufacturing process that aims to refresh old materials we recycle and repurpose to make more of our packages.


Great Expectations

Great Expectations is more than a tagline, it is an attitude. At Great Northern, customer challenges are met by an undying spirit to doing what others can’t or won’t. It’s in our DNA. And it is what our customers have come to expect with Great Northern.

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