What Is Structural Packaging Design?

Structural packaging design — or physical packaging enhancement — refers to the industrial design of a product’s packaging, including its shape, materials and imagery. Exceptional structural packaging design differentiates your products from your competitors and provides a host of benefits to the customer.

It plays a crucial role in the safe delivery of products, your brand’s perception and the end user’s product experience. Protect your brand’s reputation with innovative and sustainable packaging designs.

To ensure package integrity, we test our packaging in our ISTA 6 test lab using compression, vibration and incline tests.


Why Is the Structural Design of a Package Important?

The structural design of a package protects your products, demonstrates brand identity and provides a memorable unboxing experience for customers in several ways:

  • Structural Integrity: Packages too large or small could damage products during transit. Your packaging’s design should custom-fit your products to ensure they arrive undamaged and intact.
  • Brand Identity: Design evokes emotion and builds brand loyalty. Branded packaging makes your products stand out from competitors’ products and demonstrates your brand’s values in an unforgettable, beautiful way.
  • Memorability: Celebrate seasonal or promotional products with custom packaging designs. A unique packaging design highlights the importance of a product and offers a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

The Benefits Of Working With Great Northern Packaging

When you partner with our structural design team at Great Northern Packaging, you’ll benefit from the following:

We are proud to be a certified International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) facility. We proactively manage the safety and sustainability of each step of the packaging and delivery process to provide efficient, safe and sustainable printing and packaging solutions.

We design our printing and packaging solutions to custom-fit your brand’s needs and objectives. Our structural design team specializes in designing one-of-a-kind, innovative packing solutions that are beautiful, structurally sound and sustainable.

Whether you need repetitive, promotional or seasonal packaging design, we offer various printing and packaging solutions at Great Northern Packaging. We help you customize solutions that suit your needs by considering your industry, brand objectives, budget, project scope and more.

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