Shelf-Ready Packaging

Custom shelf-ready packaging refers to the most convenient way of packaging, stocking and displaying products. Shelf-ready (also referred to as retail-ready) involves optimized identification for easy grab-and-go shopping, such as point-of-purchase displays at check-out aisles and countertops that offer quick and enticing choices. Customers effortlessly pull out a product without disrupting a shelf, maintaining order in the store’s appearance. Digital printing from Great Northern offers full customization and allows your products to stand out with unique shapes and fold-outs. You can also create seasonal and promotional packaging designs that catch the eyes of customers.

Our Great Northern Packaging – Oshkosh facility manufactures a laminated and printed top sheet with litho-quality to a folding packaging material suitably engineered for your packaging requirements. This customizable process delivers strong, rigid shelf-ready packaging that performs well for your supply chain with vibrant, high-impact graphics for engaging shoppers. Easy-to-open perforation features create an organized and clean look at stores.

Benefits of Custom Shelf-Ready Packaging

Custom retail packaging is a cost-effective option for displaying your products. With digital printing, you have endless possibilities for successfully reaching your targeted customers. This design option serves the needs of companies and consumers alike. Enjoy superior benefits of this packaging method:

  • Easy identification: Employees see visible product names in storage areas.
  • Fast restocking: Specially engineered designs eliminate the need for opening equipment.
  • Quick shopping: Displays offer visibility and ease of taking a product off the shelf or counter.
  • Sustainable methods: Recycling options for the packaging offers eco-friendly disposal.
  • Increased protection: Durable materials provide protection during shipping for picture-perfect products.
  • Better presentation: Customers find products faster and see availability on the shelf.
  • Reduced cost: Lower labor and operational costs save money.

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The Rise of Shelf-Ready Packaging 

Shelf-ready packages are used on retail shelves today more than ever before. Not only does shelf-ready packaging reduce labor costs for retailers, but it also helps brands stand out on the shelves! Learn more about the benefits shelf-ready packaging has to offer retailers, brands and customers. 

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shelf-ready packaging for produce

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