Benefits of Using Captured Blister Packaging

With its colorful graphics and lightweight feel, our blister packaging is fully customizable to fit your brand image while offering unique benefits.

Secure Products – This package solution offers enhanced security. Our airtight seal makes the product immune to spillage, staining, fall damage, or scratching. You can rest assured knowing that your product will arrive on the shelves intact and give customers something to appreciate.

Product Visibility – Consumers get a full view of the product without unpackaging the item and can inspect all aspects of the product before opening it. This feature removes the uncertainty from purchasing decisions and lets customers feel confident in your product.

Extra Brand Opportunities – Our custom blister packaging grants you access to our digital printing services. We work closely with you to design the exact brand image you want to see on your packaging for a competitive price. We print vivid colors and include the information you want your customers to know when they buy your product, expanding your brand visibility.

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How Digital Printing Can Benefit You 

Today, the retail landscape is changing faster than ever, making it tougher for brands to standout on the shelf. Being able to customize your package to your exact specifications is crucial! Learn how digital printing provides brands with more benefits and features than other printing methods. 

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Webinar: Targeted Packaging to Meet Changing Market Needs

targeted packaging for changing market needs

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You need a unique product decorated with all your brand’s best qualities. Giving your customers the ability to indulge their senses when shopping for your products is possible with us at Great Northern Packaging. Contact us today to work with an expert who will find the best branding for your vision!

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Great Northern is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of sustainable packaging. Our approach to sustainability focuses on designing every component of a product package to retail display in an environmentally responsible way – including the types and amounts of material used, the process employed in production, and the methods of transport delivery. Learn more about our carbon footprint packaging and environmental efforts in our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

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Why Choose Great Northern Packaging?

We offer various printing options using our digital printing solutions and fulfill your orders at competitive prices. Using environmentally-conscious practices, we incorporate recycled materials to make packaging that can withstand handling from supply chain workers, retail packers and customers.

Our excellent customer service and unique response times ensure that our clients receive their fulfilled orders promptly. Our services have made us a favorite among many — we have received formal awards for our high-quality products and customer service that offer brands eye-catching visual appeal on the shelves.

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Great Expectations

Great Expectations is more than a tagline, it is an attitude. At Great Northern, customer challenges are met by an undying spirit to doing what others can’t or won’t. It’s in our DNA. And it is what our customers have come to expect with Great Northern.

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