How Digital Printing Can Benefit You

Digital printing machine

Today, the retail landscape is changing faster than ever, making it tougher for brands to standout on the shelf. Being able to customize your package to your exact specifications is crucial, and that’s where digital printing can help! Unlike most traditional printing methods, digital printing provides brands with more benefits and features like customization, flexible quantities, quick turn arounds, and competitive pricing.

Digital printing can help your brand stand out by offering opportunities for seasonal promotions, theme marketing, localization, versioning, and market segmentation. This capability allows for unlimited demographic possibilities such as sports teams, events, universities, and much more!

Flexible quantities
Digital printing is ideal for brands that want to produce short to medium print quantities compared to other printing methods. This also allows for brands to reduce their inventories, producing less waste and decreasing set-up times.

Quick turns
Our new digital press requires no tooling or plate changes, so images and changeovers are efficient and cost-effective. There are also less steps involved in the printing process, which leads to the final package being delivered quicker.

Competitive prices
Since printing plates are not involved in the process, there is less investment involved in setting up every single job. Great Northern allows smaller orders to be combined to make a larger order to help you gain a lower price point.

For projects that require low quantity, high-quality graphics there is no reason not to use digital printing. For your next integrated campaign, direct marketing, or new product launch, use the dynamic capabilities of digital folding carton printing. Learn more about our digital printing capabilities below:
Packaging Print Capabilities

Great Expectations

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