ISTA® 6 Testing and Certification Services

Ensure Product Protection Through the Last Mile

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Our in-house certified ISTA® (International Safe Transit Association) technicians can test and certify packages and fully-loaded pallets in our state-of-the-art ISTA 6 test lab to pre-determine if packages are optimally designed and if design modifications are needed.

Great Northern is also a member of Amazon’s APASS network (Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network).

ISTA 6 Test Lab Capabilities

The ISTA 6 tests expose packages to anticipated conditions and potential hazards that could be encountered throughout the supply chain and distribution channels. The ISTA 6 test protocols include:

  • Vibration Testing
  • Incline Testing
  • Material Handling
  • Free-fall Drop Testing
  • Compression Testing

Testing Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about testing procedures and see frequently asked questions here.


ISTA 6 Testing Lab


Compression Test


Material Handling Test


Incline Test


Vibration Test


Optimized Package Design


Custom Molded Pulp Product Protection


VBoard Edge Protection

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