Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging comprises three thick paper sheets called containerboard. Two of these sheets are flat and line the outside of the board, while the third rippled sheet adheres to the linerboards with a starchy glue, resting in between them. Corrugated packaging is highly durable and has a strong structure, making it ideal for forming corrugated boxes.

When preparing your products, you need a packaging material that holds up against harsh shipping and handling conditions while keeping your items safe. Businesses have long relied on corrugated packaging as their shipping material due to its many structural, financial and environmental benefits.

You can find custom, durable and effective corrugated boxes to serve all your packaging needs at Great Northern Packaging. We can accommodate packages of any size or strength and have a comprehensive range of printing capabilities to meet your project scope, budget, and brand objectives.


Benefits of Using Corrugated Packaging

If you’re looking for a packaging material with a wide range of benefits, corrugated is a great choice. When you use corrugated boxes to package your products, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Maximum protection: Corrugated packaging comprises a multilayer design that acts as stable cushioning to safeguard items during transportation. These boxes also shield products from moisture, keeping them dry no matter the external conditions.
  • Cost efficiency: Because corrugated is such a lightweight material, it doesn’t increase the weight and, therefore, the cost of shipping products like heavier materials do. Corrugated boxes are also inexpensive to manufacture and don’t require costly labor.
  • Flexibility: Corrugated boxes come in many shapes, sizes and thicknesses that you can choose from based on your needs.
  • Customization options: You can customize your corrugated packaging with personalized labels, graphics, colors and text to better identify your brand.
  • Environmental friendliness: Custom corrugated packaging comprises organic, recyclable materials that don’t contain harmful chemicals. You can easily reuse or recycle your corrugated boxes to promote greater environmental sustainability.


In-house certified ISTA® technicians test and certify packages in our state-of-the-art ISTA 6 Test Lab to pre-determine if they are optimally designed or if design modifications are needed.
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System 3000

We have the ability to customize supply chain programs to meet your needs and help better optimize packaging performance across your supply chain.

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Structural Design

Our forward-thinking structural designers conduct size, orientation and board weight analysis across all SKUs as well as redesign packages for maximum trailer and warehouse space.
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Dive In Deeper


Sustainable packaging has become increasingly important as consumers become more aware of its impact on the environment. Learn why paper is a more sustainable packaging solution than plastic by reading our blog which compares both packaging life cycles from their beginning to end use. 


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    Best Uses for Corrugated Packaging

    Corrugated boxes are highly versatile packaging solutions capable of handling a wide range of goods. When you obtain custom corrugated packaging for your company, you can package practically anything, such as:

    • Food products.
    • Heavy items.
    • Retail displays.
    • Fragile items.
    • Office supplies and stationery.
    • Textiles.
    • Medication.
    • Jewelry.
    • Cosmetics.
    • Hair products.
    • Electronics.

    Why Choose Great Northern Packaging?

    At Great Northern Packaging, we produce reliable and consistent packaging that companies can depend on. You can expect a fast turnaround for even the tightest timelines when you do business with us. Due to our many investments in our manufacturing processes, facilities and technologies, we maintain a 99% on-time delivery record.

    We attribute our manufacturing dependability to our commitment to:

    • Redundancy: We operate out of four facilities within the same region.
    • Efficiency: Our advanced systems improve worker productivity, turnaround times and quality control.
    • Capacity: We’re always upgrading our manufacturing equipment to maximize capacity.
    • Safety: We conduct safety programs and frequent facility upgrades to promote greater security.

    Invest in Custom Corrugated Packaging for Your Products Today

    You can get durable and efficient corrugated packaging for your products at Great Northern Packaging. We help our customers optimize their supply chains and improve performance by providing innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions.

    Contact us to get in touch with one of our packaging experts today!

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