Multiple Print Version Packaging

Branding a product line can be tricky because you want to show that each product is alike, but you don’t want the packaging to look the same. Buying packaging for a product line can also be costly. Multiple print version packaging can help you save on costs and create unique solutions.

Multiple print version packaging gives you the flexibility to add new SKUs to test the market with new promotional or seasonal products and you can order packaging quantities based on the product demand, so you don’t need to worry about being stuck with excess inventory! Multiple print version packaging also allows you to combine smaller orders that use the same carton size to make a larger order and gain a lower price point. Great Northern Packaging has the solution you need to advertise different products under the same brand.

Benefits of Multiple Print Version Packaging

If you have a large product line, multiple print version packaging can help you stand out. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Theme marketing – Tailor packages with seasonal or holiday messaging, promotions, limited timing or special editions. Digital printing gives you the power to design vivid, high-quality color packaging affordably and efficiently.
  • Save on storage space –Multiple print version packaging enables you to order the precise quantities you need for each variety, so you don’t have to store extra boxes.
  • Speed to market – Seamless, rapid image changeover and a digital proofing process that can shorten lead times significantly as compared to traditional print methods.
  • Flexibility – Unlimited customization opportunities for the same package size. You can order smaller quantities of multiple designs!
  • Lower price point per package – When running a family of SKUs in the same print run, you will achieve an overall lower price per package for small and medium combined run quantities.

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Learn About the Benefits of Multiple Print Versions Packaging 

The retail landscape is changing rapidly, and consumers are more willing to try new brands and products. An advantage of this trend is that it offers new market opportunities and opens the door for new product variations. Check out how your brand can take advantage of these opportunities! 

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    Great Northern Packaging’s multiple print version packaging is a great way to showcase various product versions at a lower production cost. We also have a wide range of print capabilities to help you create the best package for your product, and our supply chain programs are engineered to meet customer needs. Contact us to order multi-version packaging today.

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