System 3000

Optimize Packaging Performance Across Your Supply Chain

System 3000 not only reinforces the basic foundations of optimizing a packaging solution, but also considers ways to improve how we transact business. Our forward-thinking structural designers conduct size, orientation and board weight analysis across all SKUs as well as redesign packages for maximum trailer and warehouse space. 

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  • Reduced item count and carton consolidation 
  • Optimized product performance 
  • Reduced BER content and improved packaging sustainability scorecard 
  • Improved pallet pattern for trailer and warehousing maximization 
  • Improve process flow and reduce labor
Course of Action
Order Quantity Review
  • Determine the most economical order quantities based on usage and order patterns
  • Analysis of annual demand by SKU
  • Order frequency analysis
  • Delivery/Inventory
  • Establish VMI and KANBAN systems
  • Determine delivery options with dedicated fleet drivers
  • Scanning systems to provide inventory access 24/7
  • Bar code labeling to enhance inventory accuracy/tracking/ordering
  • Determine fit and support of customer material flow in receiving and shop floor areas
  • Determine customer storage/staging
  • Understand customer system requirements, electronic/manual
  • Transactions and EDI Options
  • Streamline purchase orders and receive order confirmation using web interface and/or EDI
  • Seamlessly integrate business systems for MRP/Advanced Planning
  • ASNs, detailed order information communicated in advance
  • Understand customer’s system capabilities and available IT resources
  • Provide web access for releases, orders, inventory visibility
  • Determine system-to-system capabilities for some or all of EDI transactions
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    Get access to our four-part video series on how Great Northern Packaging can help you optimize your supply chain with our System 3000 process.

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    SKU Rationalization


    Drivers Taking Inventory


    Real Time Order Status


    Proactively Managing Fleet


    Size and Orientation Analysis


    Delivery and Inventory Analysis

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