4 Ways Digital Printing Can Add Value to Retailers

Retail display of crackers

Retailers are always looking for new ways in which they can differentiate themselves from their competition and draw more shoppers to their store. Digital printing provides retailers with new opportunities to interact with shoppers, be that through retail customization, local and channel promotions, or market segmentation. The use of digital printing on packaging also offers opportunities for you to help retailers accomplish their goal in the following ways.


Meets increasing demands for retail customization

Retailers often ask for packaging with specific attributes, customized images, or retailer specific co-branding designs. Digital printing can complete all these requests in an easy and affordable fashion. Individual packaging runs can be split into a series of customized runs at very little additional cost, making these retail-specific requests affordable.

Produces regional, local, and channel specific promotions

Regional promotions, such as areas-based tie-ins with local sports teams, universities and events, all become much easier and affordable to participate in through the use digitally printed packaging. In the retail industry, these types of promotions can help drive shoppers to purchase based on their allegiance to a particular team or upcoming event in their area.

Digitally Printed Packaging Allows for affordable market segmentation of varied demographics

One of the advantages digital printing offers in the marketing world is order and graphic flexibility. Flexibility allows for you to target specific demographics in both an easier and more cost-effective fashion than traditional printing. Reaching out to your specific targets, and being able to offer multiple messages, can help reinforce your brand’s message at a variety of retail locations. Bilingual or multi-lingual packaging is one way to address the needs of populations in specific areas or regions, and digital printing makes this possible.

Enables special retailer and brand promotional opportunities

Digital printing offers a variety of ways to connect with shoppers via specific promotional opportunities. Packaging that ties into exclusive time-sensitive promotions or holiday campaigns is now possible and easier to manage with the speed to market and quantity offered by digital printing on packaging. For example, the ability to produce shorter run in-and-out programs for U.S. Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day now fall into the realm of possibility for those who want to take advantage of those timely opportunities.

Digital printing opens up a future of new possibilities to elevate your brand at retail, gain better customer recognition, and increase product sales. Learn how Great Northern can help you grow your brand’s presence at retail.

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