4 Ways Digital Printing Can Add Value to Your Brand

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Standing out on a crowded shelf has never been more important, or more difficult. As competition increases, so must your brand’s marketing strategy and ability to grab the shopper’s attention. Being able to stop the shopper at the shelf and convert them into a sale is made even more challenging by the depth of our shoppers’ omni-channel experience. With messaging coming from all different directions, how do you get YOUR brand noticed by the shopper and make them pay attention to your message? Digital printing is expanding the ways retail packaging can communicate your message to shoppers. Here are four ways digital printing can help your brand.

Improves the overall speed to market for your products

Digital printing has a streamlined approval process and fewer manufacturing steps than a traditional printing process. This allows you to bring your ideas to life faster and get packaging changes to market on a tight timeline and budget. Speed up the merchandiser’s journey from product launch to shoppers’ baskets with digital printing. Digital printing helped Roth Industries prove a new meal kit concept to retailers and then provide them actual packaged samples, all while having the flexibility to run new flavor options across several sized cartons.

Allows for product variation that improves shelf presence

When you want to connect with your shopper and give them more options at retail, digital printing is the way to go. The flexibility of the digital printing process allows for customized programs that can get your brand recognized at retail. With digital printing, the product variety is only limited by your imagination, and with a broader product selection at retail, the shopper has more choices and is more likely to find and purchase the packaging that suits their needs.

Provides specific shopper targeting opportunities

Digital printing allows your brand the flexibility to speak to different groups directly so you can reach specific shoppers. You can create custom packaging featuring local sports teams and universities, or tailor packages with seasonal or holiday messaging, promotions, limited timing or special editions. The demographic targeting possibilities are endless with digital marketing.

Helps keep packaging order sizes flexible to meet your specific needs

Digital also allows for more flexible order quantities, since you can easily run multiple print runs together for different flavors, colors, and other variations. Short run charges are reduced greatly when orders are easily combined on a single setup.

Each of these benefits demonstrate how digital printing can help your brand get to market more efficiently and stand out on the shelf more uniquely for a positive customer experience that helps sell your product to your shopper more successfully. Learn more about how Great Northern leads the market in digital print expertise.

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