How to Make Products Stand Out on Shelves

Shelf-ready product packaging

With so many products on the market, having unique product packaging will ensure your products stand out among the rest. Whether you sell fun food products or want to promote your beauty line, the best packaging designs are unique and help to enhance your product. Explore how you can use packaging to catch a customer’s eye.

1. Use Custom Packaging

Custom packaging involves creating a design that is uniquely suited to your product. You can ensure that your brand stands out from the rest of the competition through innovative packaging designs. You can get creative with your packaging. From fun colors and images to protective structures and memorable unboxing elements, a custom packaging manufacturer has all the tools you need to create packaging that fits your product. For example, Great Northern Packaging focuses on structural packaging design, helping companies find the images and materials that fit their products.

Here are a few benefits of working with a custom packaging company:

  • Structural needs: Ensure the packaging fits the product perfectly and can help prevent the product from getting damaged during transit.
  • Brand identity: Create packaging that matches the emotions you want to convey and builds brand loyalty over time.
  • Unique elements: Incorporate memorable and fun unboxing features, such as confetti, sparkly protective tissue paper or coupons.

2. Target Your Audience Through Packaging

Get to know your target audience and ensure your packaging caters to their interests. Ask yourself if your item is aimed at children, young adults on tight budgets or high-income adults with a hefty paycheck to spend. Whatever your target market, you know you want to cater your product to the right people, and the right packaging can help you do so.

Your main objective as a company is to stand out among other competitors. Packaging can help.

One fantastic example is companies that market to children. While children might not make the purchases themselves, they can certainly be influential in the selection process. Consider how companies that market to children use bright, colorful designs to attract customers. They might also use child-friendly characters like cartoons and athletes.

Use recyclable materials whend esigning packaging

3. Use Recyclable Materials

In a world where looking after the environment has become more critical than ever, customers may be more inclined to purchase products in sustainable packaging.

Finding ways to use recyclable materials in your packaging design is essential. Even if your products are not made from plants or natural materials, your packaging can be. Considering how popular eco-friendly items are with customers, you’ll want to create your packaging to match their preferences.

For example, consider swapping plastic packages for corrugated packages, which can be easily recycled. You may also switch out traditional bags with an eco-friendly material made from plants. Showing you care about the planet is a great way to promote your products to more customers.

4. Include Important Information

Including important information in your packaging can help customers understand the purpose of your product and what they should use it for. Some guidance is always appreciated, as customers want to know what to do with your product once they buy it. For example, you can provide instructional booklets or list ingredients on the back of the label.

Providing accurate information is also critical. No customer wants to be led astray by a product that isn’t the same as advertised. Authentic ingredients and usage information ensure customers continue to buy items from your brand.

Another way to include the necessary information is through disclaimers. Disclaimers ensure that no customer is misled by product information. For example, if you sell skincare products, you can claim that the item will help with acne spots but won’t cure acne completely. Disclaimers ensure you are not held liable for any customer misunderstandings.

5. Use Imagery, Storytelling and Color

An excellent way to produce eye-catching packaging is through the use of imagery, storytelling and color. For example, pictures are a vital part of the packaging design process. Because customers often scan shelves very quickly when looking for products, they won’t have time to read a long description. Pictures and images catch their attention quickly.

Storytelling is another essential part of the packaging process. Your brand has a unique story, and you can give customers an inside look at it using packaging. Include a short description of why you created the product, the story of your launch day or a meaningful message your company lives by. Stories connect you and the customer, encouraging them to return to your brand.

Colors can impact customers’ emotions and product perceptions. Using the right colors can attract people to your brand. Here are some popular colors and their meanings:

  • Red: An attention-grabbing and warm color, red evokes passion, excitement and power. It is often used by food brands or companies that want to encourage action. Think McDonald’s, Target and Netflix.
  • Orange: Orange promotes creativity, youthfulness and happiness. The color can also increase appetite or promote affordability. Think Fanta, UPS or Amazon.
  • Yellow: This color evokes joy, curiosity and warmth. It grabs customers’ attention while increasing happy feelings. Think Subway, Best Buy or Ikea.
  • Green: Green is often associated with nature. It represents the environment, freshness, healing and renewal. Think of brands like Starbucks, Tropicana or John Deere.
  • Blue: A color often associated with water, blue evokes calm, confident and trusting emotions. Think Lowe’s, NASA, Facebook and Ford.
  • Purple: If you want your brand to look expensive, noble or sophisticated, consider using purple. Purple is often seen as confident and regal. Think brands like Hallmark, Cadbury and Yahoo.
  • Pink: This color is often seen as feminine, innocent or delicate. It appeals to many female customers and can be used to promote female-centric items. Think of brands like Barbie, Cosmopolitan and Victoria’s Secret.
  • White: White is often associated with cleanliness, purity and peace. Think of brands like Adidas, Apple and Sony.
  • Brown: Brown is an earthy, natural color. It represents depth, utility and construction. Think UPS, JP Morgan and Louis Vuitton.
  • Black: Black evokes authority and sophistication while offering a classic and clean look. Think Gucci, Vans and Chanel.

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Contact Great Northern Packaging to Upgrade Your Packaging

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