What to Consider For Your Frozen and Refrigerated Package

Custom packaging for frozen food

When it comes to packaging for frozen and refrigerated products, there are different qualities that need to be taken into account compared to retail packaging. The most important aspect is preserving the quality of the product, and if a package is not strong enough to withstand freezer and refrigeration environments, you risk the product spoiling. You also need to have a package design that separates your brand from others in a crowded cooler. Here are a couple things you should take into consideration when choosing your frozen and refrigerated package supplier.

Strength of Packaging

The last thing anyone wants to see when they get back from grocery shopping is that one of the items they purchased is already spoiled. Proper packaging plays a big role in preserving the state of the product and preventing it from going bad. Moist conditions and condensation challenges are some of the elements that packages have to endure in frozen and refrigerated environments. Make sure your package is optimized to provide superior product protection and keep your products from spoiling.

Food Safety Focus

A supplier with a Safety Quality Food Certification is another important aspect to consider in frozen and refrigerated packaging. Having an SQF certification validates that robust food safety control systems have been effectively implemented in their package manufacturing process. SQF is recognized by retailers and food service providers around the world who require a rigorous, credible food safety management system. This gives you and your customers the assurance that food safety protocols were taken throughout the entire process.

Package Design

Standing out on a crowded shelf and separating your brand from competitors is a continuing challenge. According to Phil Bagdasarian, president of Packwire, “Brands are upscaling their look to appeal to a different demographic – one that appreciates the convenience these foods offer.” Upscale graphics generate better shelf appeal and portray a higher perceived value. Applying metallic inks and specialty coatings and varnishes to your upscale graphics can make your brand stand out from the rest and catch the eye of a customer.

Graphic Flexibility

Have you ever thought about introducing a new product but are too worried about it flopping and you being stuck with the excess inventory? If so, then you need to learn about graphic flexibility. Graphic flexibility gives you the opportunity to test the market with a new promotional offer without having to order excess inventory. This gives you the chance to try out a new flavor and see if it is a hit in the market. Graphic flexibility goes the same for seasonal products. Change up the package design you had back in August when December rolls around. Just another way your product can stand out on the shelf.

Frozen and Refrigerated Packaging

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