The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

Benefits of Sustainable pacakging

Your businesses can contribute to a green future for the next generation with sustainable business practices, such as using eco-friendly consumer packaging.

3 Environmental Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Review a few crucial benefits of using eco-friendly packaging on the environment:

  • Reduces carbon footprint: Using recyclable material for your packaging reduces its impact on the environment. Packaging made from natural materials such as bamboo could even reverse your carbon footprint because growing these materials draws carbon from the environment.
  • Protects the environment: Biodegradable and natural materials break down quickly after disposal. Plastic, however, often takes 20 years or longer to degrade and currently makes up the bulk of landfill space, polluting the soil and water surrounding it.
  • Encourages recycling and reuse: Eco-friendly packaging is defined by its ability to be easily reused or recycled. When consumers reuse packaging, they extend its life span and prevent the need to create new materials.

What Are the Advantages of Green Packaging for Businesses?

Environmental sustainability and the welfare of nature and wildlife are worthy causes in their own right, but there are other business advantages to reducing your company’s carbon footprint:

  • Increase brand loyalty among a younger customer base: Millennial and Gen Z consumers tend to be more conscious about their environmental footprint. Businesses that are environmentally friendly are more likely to gain fans among these generations.
  • Lower overhead costs: Using eco-friendly packaging means you don’t need to buy new materials as regularly. You also benefit from the lightweight properties of sustainable material, which will cost you less in bulk shipping and handling fees.
  • Better productivity: A Harvard study shows that employees working in green-certified buildings show higher self-esteem and productivity. Employees in these environments report higher cognitive function and crisis response scores.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Your Business

At Great Northern Packaging, we accommodate all your sustainable packaging needs for all sizes of products and in any quantity. Available options include chipboard and various grades of corrugated material.

Create impactful and environmentally friendly packaging for your business and leave a significant legacy without a large footprint. Contact Great Northern Packaging today.

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