Sustainable Paper Formed Packaging

Shoppers today are more environmentally aware than ever before, and they prefer environmentally friendly options whenever possible. Our paper formed packaging solution is a 100% recyclable alternative to plastic blister and clamshell packaging. Made entirely from paper, there is more space available for graphics, brand representation, promotional messaging, and product and safety information. The solution is designed to be extremely durable and protect your product during transportation so that it arrives at retail the way your brand intends.

Benefits of Sustainable Paper Formed Packaging

Reduced Environmental Impact –Paper formed packaging uses less material than thermoformed plastic blisters and is 100% recyclable.

More Branding Opportunities – Because paper formed packaging is 100% paper, the entire package can be used for graphics, brand messaging, and product and safety instructions. The customization opportunities are endless!

Scent Activations – Scents can be applied to the package to enable consumers to engage with the product and enhance their shopping experience.

Faster Filling Process – Faster fill rates because the product is hidden and does not require proper product positioning.

Product Protection –Better product security. The entire product is protected by paper packaging, making the product immune to spillage, staining, fall damage, or scratching. You can rest assured knowing that your product will arrive on the shelves intact and give customers something to appreciate.

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Paper formed packaging by Great Northern Packaging


Plastic is unhealthy, and it’s all around — from landfills to oceans, lakes and rivers. See how switching to a more sustainable packaging option can not only benefit the planet, but also your brand.

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Webinar: Paper vs Plastic: Which Solution is More Sustainable?

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