Great Northern’s Racine Facility Earns American Institute of Baking Certification

The Great Northern Racine facility has recently announced that it achieved its AIB (American Institute of Baking) Certification. Being AIB certified allows the Racine location to manufacture products for secondary packaging for customers. Racine joins the Great Northern – Appleton facility with the capability to provide certified packaging to food industry customers.

The AIB has provided inspections and audits for food-grade warehouse services in more than 120 countries for over 60 years. Comprehensive AIB inspections evaluate the adequacy of five categories that a food-grade warehouse must meet to keep products wholesome and safe. These five categories are methods and practices, maintenance, cleaning, pest management, and teamwork. This achievement is a result of two years of hard work by many of Racine’s team members. The time investment put in by team members has allowed them to move this facility to a significantly higher level of cleanliness. This level of pride will be seen not only by their food business customers but all of their clients when they take a tour of the facility.

“We are making investments in our facility from an equipment standpoint and are making investments in our team members through training and growth opportunities,” said Racine’s General Manager, Jeremy Stimpson. “AIB is an example of another investment that allows us to target new customers and business segments where the value that we put into our work is recognized by them. This will provide more opportunities for our team members as our business grows.”

From the extensive audits, the AIB conducts to become an AIB Certified Warehouse, you can rest assured knowing that Great Northern can and will handle your food packaging in the most proper manner from start to finish.

To learn more about Great Northern’s certifications, click here.

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