Keeping Inventory Stocked and Ready for Shipping

Using Great Northern’s System 3000 App to Identify and Order Packaging That Keeps Production Lines Moving

Great Northern has been a vendor for a manufacturer for over 20 years and has established a tremendous partnership. Over the years, both companies grew significantly, and the catalog of SKU numbers expanded accordingly. The manufacturer needed a solution that would quickly identify and order the parts that they needed to keep their inventory stocked and have them delivered as quickly as possible.



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The Solution

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Optimized Inventory

Inventory is always stocked and can easily be identified

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Packaging Availability

The packaging needed for the following day is readily available

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Optimized Shipping

Real-time data allows our planners to ship needed packaging quickly

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Electronic Interface

Aligns customer packaging needs based on next-day production schedule


Our System 3000 solution allowed the manufacturer to review their inventory each morning and determine what they will need to fulfill their orders for the following day. Using a Great Northern-provided tablet, they can scan a QR code to add the needed item to the digital cart. The report is then sent automatically to Great Northern where the items are loaded onto a trailer and dropped at their dock that evening so their second-shift receiving team can unload and restock their inventory.


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