An Electronic Interface Helped Improve Production for Salm Partners

Over the years Great Northern has experienced steady business growth with Salm Partners, resulting in them needing more packaging on hand. Salm Partners realized that the lack of warehousing space in their facility was going to be an issue and they needed a solution that would provide them with enough corrugated packaging without taking up too much warehouse space. 

The Solution


Electronic Interface

Aggregate Salm’s packaging requirements based on production schedule and work orders


Optimized Shipping

Data gives our shipping planners an idea of how trailers should be loaded


Packaging Availability

The packaging needed for their next order is the first available pallets on the trailer



Moving material directly to production line improved labor savings


The Bottom Line

Our System 3000 solution helped aggregate Salm’s packaging requirements based on their production schedule and work orders. This lets our shipping planners know how the trailer should be loaded. The packaging needed for their next order is made first available on the trailer so they can pull what they need for their upcoming production. This helped Salm Partners free up space in their plant. 

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    How the System 3000 App Helped Improve Inventory Turns and Labor Savings

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