Eye-catching and Durable Club Store Package

How JTM Foods Created an Impressive Billboard Effect With Their New Club Store Package

JTM Foods, a producer of premium quality snack pies and other sweet treats, asked Great Northern to create club store-ready pie packaging for their brand, JJ’s Bakery. The package needed to have high-quality graphics that create an impressive billboard effect when palletized and is overall visually appealing. JTM Foods also needed the package to be durable enough to meet package shipping and handling needs within club store applications as well as withstand multiple handlings in retail.

The Solution


Built to withstand the rigors of supply chain as well as the club store environment


Digital printing helped the customer achieve a lower average price per package


Great graphics and JJ’s logo on every panel makes the package easily recognizable

Special Features

Used a custom-engineered substrate specifically for the store environment


Drawing on years of research and development, Great Northern custom-engineered a substrate for use in club store environments and optimized it to work with semi-automated co-packing lines. Our scoring profiles for thicker substrates have proven superior when erecting and forming on the customers co-packing lines. This solution also reduced packaging costs with new, recycled baseboard substrates.

The high-end product photography jumps off the package and is displayed on 3 of the 4 side panels. This helps make the product offering clear and enticing to the shopper. The carton was printed on a 6-color Komori press using UV inks and coatings. Also, JJ’s Bakery brand logo is reinforced on every panel to make it easily visible to the customer. Finally, once it’s palletized, there is an impactful billboard effect.


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