How Gate and Beverages Inc. was able to have packaging consistent with their different flavors.

Gate and Beverages, Inc., asked Great Northern to create a durable, visually appealing package for their ready-to-drink cocktails. The package needed to stand up to the rigors of the supply chain while also withstanding the cold and moist refrigeration environment. It needed to have a carrying feature that would be strong enough to not tear while also being easy to carry. Finally, the colors had to be consistent with the different flavors.



Strong enough to withstand the cold and moist refrigerated environment



Satin UV coating gives the packaging a glossy,shiny coat


Optimized Shipping

Palletization specs allowing for maximum pallet counts for shipping to co-packers and retail outlets



A robust engineered paperboard construction consisting of an 18 pt SBS substrate


The Bottom Line

Our designers used a robust engineered paperboard solution that is strong enough to meet supply chain needs, withstand multiple handlings, and stand up to the refrigerated environment. Engineered flap designs and scoring profiles enabled the package to erect easily during co-packing and our in-house design team created palletization specs allowing for maximum pallet counts for shipping to co-packers and retail outlets. Using an offset press, we were able to print upscale graphics on a superior SBS print surface. The packages are predominantly covered in warm and inviting colors that coincide with the flavor of the beverage inside.

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