Custom Club Store Packaging

Club Store Packaging

Designs for custom products typically require fewer materials, creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly method for packaging goods. Less packaging results in lower weights, reducing the handling costs for club stores. As a result, the money you save on packaging allows you to sell products at discounted prices, providing savings for your customers.

Club stores usually involve stricter guidelines for packaging compared to other retail shops. Each club store includes design rules, such as durability requirements for withstanding fast-paced shipping models. Since club stores sell in bulk, more extensive packaging offers more room on displays for graphics, text and creative marketing ideas. Great Northern will design and manufacture to specific retailer needs to help ensure your brand is successful in the club store environment!

We understand that surviving the club store supply chain is just as important as how your product looks when it gets there.  Our club store packaging solution is engineered to deliver the structural performance your brand requires whether it’s displayed on a shelf or stacked on a pallet.

Benefits of Custom Club Store Packaging

Tailored approaches for merchandising make club store packaging a success. When your packaging arrives at a retail location, the secondary packaging serves as what goes out on the floor. Consumer companies recognize the significant revenue potential for choosing this sales route. The many benefits include:

  • Package variety: Choose from laminated solid fiber and corrugated options.
  • Creative designs: Custom tailor unique packaging for promotions and seasons.
  • Image priority: Display your message and intentions with icons, images and logos.
  • Eye-catching displays: Match your color palettes with secondary packaging for enhanced visibility.
  • Prominent branding: Reinforce your brand with pictures on individual packages unifying into a larger image.
  • Five-sided marketing: Show multiple sides of your product for a more significant impact in a club store environment.

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Benefits of Digital Printing for Club Store Packaging 

Today, the retail landscape changes faster than ever, making it more challenging to catch the eyes of consumers. Fully customizing your package to your exact specifications is essential. Learn how digital printing offers more features and benefits for brands than other printing methods.  

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